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Nate almost ruined christmas for me the first year we met. ALMOST being the key word. I love giving gifts and I take pride in getting gifts that I know that person will love. Then I met Nate, the most COMPLICATED person to give gifts to. Every year I sit and stare at ads trying to think of something he might like. Lucky for you, the dude opened up to me and gave me a list of things he has loved as gifts. And if he said he loves it, it must have been good. So here you go, straight out of the present receiving Grinch's mouth, a list of gifts that any guy will love.

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1. apple watch

Nate fought this one for a while. I offered to buy one for him COUNTLESS times and he insisted they were pointless. Well 2 years later its now his favorite gifts. He loves that he has access to his phone and everything else, on his wrist, while at work. 

2. airpods

So we own a ton of different bluetooth headphones and just recently became airpod believers. And I wish we would have switched to them sooner. They charge in their case, dont have a wire, and can be worn in public without anyone knowing. 

3. airpods case

These are such a fun and unique way of personalizing your aipod case. Its also a good way to know who's headphones are who's.

4. Cooling pillow

Nate swears by this thing. He hates getting hot when he sleeps, so we got him the pillow that stays cold all night long! Its like when you flip your pillow over and its nice and chilly...except all the time. 

5. sports ball

If they are into sports, every guy likes a GOOD QUALITY ball...that sounds dirty. But really, my mom got Nate a leather basketball for Christmas and he uses it multiple times a week. Either at his own basketball games or when he is coaching. 

6. Graphic hoodie

Graphic Hoodies are huge right now and guys are definitely into when it is one with a cool rock band on it. Nate wears this hoodie multiple times a week. Thats how much he loves it. 

7. silicone band

I will forever wonder why I bought Nate and expensive wedding band when all he wears are these cheap silicone ones. He LOVES them. He can work in them, workout, shower, everything. He doesnt have to worry about ruining them, ever. 

8. Neck Massager

This thing is a life saver! It is so nice to be able to get home from work, and they can just plug it in and get a nice neck massage after being so tense working all day. It is such a good size too that we are able to take it with us when we travel for when we get to the hotel and our backs and necks hurt from sitting there for hours on end.  

9. team hat

The one gift I can always count on with him is his obsession with hats. Throw his favorite team on it and I call that a big fat WIN.

10. ring doorbell

This is a gift everyone would love. Especially if you are gone often. You are still able to check your house and know if anyone ever is at your house without you even being there. 

11. jean jacket

These are super trendy right now and such a good statement piece for every guys they care, right? But for reals, Nate wears this with everything! its his way of wearing a coat without actually wearing one. 

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