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    Shopping for your mom, aunt, sister, etc can sometimes feel like a daunting task. So I've put together a little guide of things that I own myself and absolutely LOVE! From electronics to clothing there should be something on this list that everyone will love. And if not, hopefully it sparks an idea for you! 

    All things have been linked, so if you feel inclined, you can purchase right away! Happy Shopping!

Untitled-Artwork (6).png

7.Fawn design bag

Something else I am obsessed with. And something else I own an obscene amount of. These bags aren't meant just for diaper bags, although when I have a baby it for sure will be. But even without a baby I LOVE this bag for all purposes. They also have backpacks, overnight bags, over the shoulder bags, you get it, THEY HAVE IT ALL. 


I own 5 hydroflask, yep 5. Besides the fact that I have a water bottle problem, These water bottles are the best (and cutest) I've ever gotten. 

I have linked you to DICK'S because they usually have a coupon you can tag on to get it even cheaper!

2. blue light glasses

With how often everyone is looking at screens, tv, tablet, phone, etc. These suckers are LIFE SAVERS!

I have linked you to my favorite pair from MVMT. If you sign up for their emails you get a discount!

3. Toms slippers

I have never been a slippers girl. But then my mother in law bought me these for Christmas a couple years ago, for all of the family actually, and I am OBSESSED. They are so comfy, flippin' cute, and they have a hard bottom! No more wet slippers when walking outside!

4. stamped necklace

These are my favorite gifts to give! You can make it as personal as youd like! From states to names, anything you can think of!

The company I linked you to have already stamped choices OR you can design your own.

5. Apple charging case

This phone case has been a game changer for me. I take about a million and one pictures and finally my phone isn't dead by noon.

6. gel nail kit

I don't know about you, but sometimes you just don't have the time to get your nails done, or if you are like me, despise the nail salon! This is such a fun gift for any age! Because who doesn't want cute nails?

8.Bedhead waver

I have never gotten more comments on my hair like I do when my hair is done by this waver. It is the perfect beachy wave and lasts for forever!

9. weighted blanket

Nate got me one of these for my anxiety and while it EXTREMELY helps with that I love it beyond that. It is so warm and comforting when you sleep! I always get the best sleep with my weighted blanket. 

10. google home

Until I got one of these I never understood the obession. But its real. They can set alarms, tell you the weather, play music, play games, turn on and off lights, you get it. so GET IT. 

11. sherpa jacket

These jackets are super in right now and I'm not complaining. It's basically like wearing a blanket and that is fine by me!

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