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Pink Earth



something strange on 

Weston lane

By: Brianne Stander  -   Illustrated By: Kiarra Hillman


Join Cat as he strolls down Weston Lane and finds that on Halloween, nothing is quite the same!

A creative children's Halloween book that will have all kids wondering what Cat will see next on Halloween Night!

Kiarra Hillman



Kiarra is a Graphic Designer and Social Media Content Creator. Born and raised in Boise, Idaho. 

Brianne Stander



Brianne has a BS in Child Development. Mother of three from Blackfoot, Idaho. 

Brianne and I met through a mutual contact, aka her brother, now my husband. And became instant best friends over our countless late night shenanigans. Which is where our logo that you will find in the back of the book "Lunar Pleiades" came from, meaning Moon Sisters! 

Something Strange On Weston Lane started out as a way for Brianne and I to keep in touch over the 270 mile distance between us and a way to express our creativity. Brianne has always had a desire to write children's books and I always wanted to illustrate children's book's, the perfect match!

We hope you find as much enjoyment in reading it as we did in creating it!


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