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Pink Sugar

10 yrs ago I felt like I lost my independence & everything I knew about myself...

I was freshly engaged, planning a wedding, trying to decide where we would live, our careers, and taking 18 credits in college and the heaviness of life hit me like a ton of bricks. I woke up one morning, couldn't breath, heart was racing, shaking and that continued every night for months. I was having panic attacks. Since that first time 10 years ago I have tried everything natural that I could get my hands on to help myself, was working out as much as my brain would allow, trying my best to eat better, therapy, and started a program to help with coping techniques to try and get my life back. And through a LOT of work I have progressed, things have gotten better but I had lost a lot of myself that was still missing. Throughout these ten years I would go through phases where I couldn't drive, couldn't even leave my house or my bed, couldn't go out in public, literally had to take my final year of college all online purely because I couldn't leave my house, couldn't ever be alone, and then add the physical symptoms I felt every day from shaking, couldn't breath, thinking I was going to pass out, heat flashes, sick stomach, and the list goes on. This was absolutely sole crushing considering that the Kiarra before this all kicked in was uber independent. I loved driving around by myself listening to music, I moved to Washington to play college basketball, loved going to parties to meet new people, I felt normal, I wasn't worrying CONSTANTLY to the point it was physically debilitating me. Then out of no where I was stripped of everything that I felt made me, me. There is so much more detail I could go into, but my video explains it pretty well. I wish I would have found this drink sooner. The parts of my life I havent had in YEARS that I have gained back in the few months of taking this drink are absolutely mind blowing to me. And that's why I share it. Because I know how it feels to be in a dark hole and not know if you'll ever get out. And this drink has pulled me out, and I hope it can do that for you.

My Story

A story no one knows other than my husband & a look into the hole I was in:

Who can benefit from Happy Juice?

What is in Happy Juice? Why three products in one?

My Experience taking it the first time:

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